The Supply Chain (FILIERA) is the whole of the production sectors and the related companies involved in the realization of a given production. When it is short (CORTA), it means that it is characterized by a very limited and circumscribed number of steps.

The producers of COMPA are farmers, livestock processors and direct cheese makers.


There is only one step from production to sale!

That one step is Agrilab Wine Tasting Tour in Barolo (CN) which is the shop that directly sells what the producers made themselves (from scratch! They have the animals, milk, greens, vegetables, fruit....they process everything in their small farms and bring it to Barolo for you to try!). 




The producers of COMPA are all present at the Agrilab Wine Tasting Tour in Barolo (CN) with a range of their products to try!

The philosophy of Filiera is "kilometer 0" and for this reason the Agrilab is located a short distance from all 5 friends of COMPA - to guarantee to the consumer a minimum distance and therefore the shortest possible FILIERA!